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“YES….IF” 5 Strategies for speaking with Mom about Care at Home.

“Yes….If”.  If you are a parent, you’ve employed this strategy in order to satiate a child’s endless desire to satisfy their impassioned energies.

“Can I go to the park?”, “Yes..IF you clean your room.”  “Can I have my allowance early?”  “Yes, IF you do your chores early”

I have seen this same strategy successfully employed by the daughters of 85 year old parents.  Believe it or not, the most difficult part about getting care started in your elderly Mom and Dad’s home?  The Conversation.  Talking about it.  Seems kinda silly doesn’t it?  Well, it’s true.  And yes, it appears to be a difficult conversation.  In reality?  It just needs to be framed in the right light.

We can help you foster that conversation with these 5 insights.

5 Strategies for Speaking to Mom & Dad about Care at Home

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Better to Best. The Best Ask: What can I do to help?

Shaping Your Company Culture

In my years in Hospice I had an unique opportunity to build something that shaped our entire company culture.  This project would also provide a guiding light to make each discipline in our company better at their job.

The program was called the “The Model & Mentor Program”.  My first task was to find the ‘Model Employees’.  Who are your models?  Models are those who are so good at their specific job that they redefine it.  They LEAP OVER the Job Description in a single bound and directly into a new territory of effectiveness.  They are fearless, tireless job ‘role models‘.

Let Your Great Staff Shine

Maybe you have some of these model people in your organization.  Are you fostering their talents?  Did you find some great people in your recruiting efforts?  Do you have Diamonds in the Rough? If you do, you are lucky.  But that doesn’t mean it’s time to rest on your laurels.  If you do work that inspires your best, and challenges them to be even BETTER?  You will attract even more ‘lucky hires’.

But let’s start with how to bring the better into the BEST.

Here are some tips to better challenge and inspire your company Hero’s:

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5 Signs Mom & Dad Need Help NOW

Walking in the rain. Care for Mom and Dad in Columbus, Ohio.

Taking the Reign for your aging parents.

Lets admit something here.  We only shop for rain jackets WHILE IT’S RAINING.

We don’t buy SOUP unless it’s cold outside.  When it’s cold?  We stock up.

We are odd creatures.  This is established and confirmed.

When we go to the store for an item…We need it NOW.  Here are some signs that prove YOU need to be making arrangements for Mom & Dad NOW.


5 Signs Mom & Dad Need Help NOW!!

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