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Booking Family Travel for the Holidays? Read this Holiday Travel Debacle First!

I have shared many tales of travel gone wrong with our large family.  Frankly, travel plans gone horribly wrong are among my favorite stories to share. For our family?  These stories are in no short supply.  As any of us travel with our families, there’s really nothing to hide.

But why is it that when we travel, Our problems seem to multiply when we are simply trying to get away from them?

In a large family, the opportunity to take trips can only happen when there are big airline sales.  We are slowly learning better than to jump upon flight prices that seem too good to be true, or holiday sales that seem to scream “I just DARE you to book a flight on Christmas!”.

Sometimes, I sense desperation in the airlines marketing plans.  A $29 flight?  Sure, if you can travel at 7am on CHRISTMAS EVE!

Well, maybe when you’re buying flights for 8 family travelers.  Read this story before you book your trip, as these are the situations you may find yourself in.

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