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“Your Home. Your Rules. Our Care”

We don’t get to choose how we leave this life.  We don’t get to choose when.  We sure wouldn’t choose to stand in a line to experience our ultimate fate.  Death is horrifying.  For all of us.  Even when we know our time is near, it’s a scary prognosis.  If we could choose?  We wouldn’t choose death at all.

We have made the walk with those at the end of life many times over the last 15 years.  It’s incredibly painful.  Always.  We have our scars, we have seen courageous battles come to an end.  We have been in the room with family, we have been alone with clients who didn’t have family.  We have behaved as family.  Every time, we wish we had a choice other than the inevitable.

At our time of death we ultimately do not have a choice.  Death should be on our own terms, in the place of greatest comfort, surrounded by our loved ones.  These are the best choices to make and the most common.  For those of us who get to leave this world in our own way, on our own terms, death can be beautiful.

This is why choice matters so much.  This is why we have built our company upon principles that put the important matters that we can choose, right in the hands of family members.  In our weakened state, in our final moments, at our most vulnerable time of life?  It will become critical that these choices were made in advance.

We can’t choose the time of our departure, nor our destination.  We can however choose where these critical moments in our end of life will take place.  We can set the table for where these special moments will ultimately occur.

Your Home.

We know the importance of home.  Its sacred ground.  Its private.  Our loved ones are always welcome there.  Our memories were made and are held in special places, and brought more to life in our own homes.  We carefully chose every element inside our homes.  Our gathering places.  Our peaceful quiet recesses.  Our critical comfort choices are established at home.  The upgrades, changes, remodels.  All the things over time that we chose.  Even the painful memories are kept and memorialized in the sacred inner sanctum of home.

Your Rules.

There are so many rules we’ve established in our home.  As caregivers, we work to absorb these rules.  To know where the good plates are, when the dog needs out, our favorite towels.  That comfy sweatshirt and slippers?  Yes, we know where those are and when to get them for you.  We shower on your schedule.  We eat on your schedule.  Our care is built on Your Rules.  These rules include your restful sleep.  Our care begins with your waking schedule.  Our rules includes your favorite breakfast at your favorite time to eat.  Your Rules determines the speed at which we operate.  At Always There Home Care, that’s often zero miles per hour.  Sometimes 1 mile per hour is too fast.  We move intentionally at the safest speed.  Your speed.

Making choices because we can’t choose the elements out of our control.

Your Care.

Your Care is not batch care.  It’s not last person in the hallway care.  It’s not care that is shared with 14 other residents at a facility.  Your Care happens at your home, your way.  You are always 1st place.  First to eat, first to the bath, first to the bathroom.  Your Care is our #1 priority.  With Always There Home Care, there is simply no putting your care in 2nd place.  Nobody would choose to be receiving 1/14th of the individual attention you receive at a facility or hospital.  At home with your own one-on-one caregiver?  You won’t ever have to.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to a care plan.  We are called Always There Home Care because many of the clients we serve require us to be with them 24 Hours a day.  24 Hour Home Care is an option for all of the clients we serve, but it is not what all of our clients receive.

For many of the families we work with, we begin as we have requested with a simple question:  “What is the hardest part of the day for your family?” Thats when we want to be there.  Some of the families we serve have family caregivers.  While working other jobs and juggling other family responsibilities, these family caregivers are able to make their impact for their loved one because they can also hand the baton of care to our team.

Working with family caregivers is an honor for us.  Being a part of a larger care team is essential to weaving an appropriate and loving care plan for our care recipients.  We help to ensure that there is balance in the care we provide.  Working with families who care for their own loved ones is a special honor we fully enjoy.

24-Hour Home Care Hotline:

All of our clients, regardless of care plan enjoy the comforts of knowing that extra care and full time care is one phone call away.  Same day access to around-the-clock care is an essential part of the comfort that we provide.  Care on the weekends, middle of the night, care for a sudden illness.  Care because family care becomes unavailable?  We will be there.

Call us today to learn more about our care.  Call us today to begin to fill in the gaps that are hardest to fill.  Call us today to receive one-on-one care for your loved one 24-Hours a day. #24HourHomeCareColumbusOhio #CareForMomColumbusOhio #HelpAtHomeColumbusOhio #AlwaysThereHomeCareColumbus #SeniorCareColumbusOhio

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