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What’s YOUR Beatles Balance?

What’s YOUR Beatles Balance?

Didn’t John Lennon hit the nail on the head?  In reality, it’s a tough question if you look internally and put it upon yourself:No matter how we examine this, I think there’s going to be some pain involved.  These sentiments of inequity are akin to the first words we hear from concerned family caregivers.  These are among the first thoughts family caregivers voice.

When we get the pleasure to speak with loved ones of a struggling family member, we often hear measures of guilt.  Accidental neglect.  Heartbreaking concerns usually stem from some iteration of this particular perceived inequity. Grief over the endless questions of “Am I doing enough?”.  Concern about weight loss.  Stress over funds.  Fear about trusting the help of others.  Misery about realizing help is needed.  Uneasiness about getting started.  Anguish about timing.

During our needs analysis, we will often hear things like: Can we be doing more?  How good can my Dad or Mom expect to be doing?  Why is this so hard for me?  You are experiencing the greatest ineptitude you may ever feel.  Here’s an image to help you realize you may  be paralyzed by your concerns:

Yes.  It could all be simpler.  But WHY?  Why didn’t we realize this already?  I submit here that we are often BLINDED by our PASSION.  There are basics so often overlooked.  Here’s a common one.

Here’s a shocker. There are 24-Hours in a day.  While we all know this, but why do we always EXPECT different results from the same bank of hours?  Somehow here’s a lesser known fact.  There are 168 hours in a week.

I have been in this field for 20 years.  So for me, it’s easy to understand.  Let’s use the math.  24 Hours and 7 days is 168 hours in a week.  How many hours is it even feasible for one person to work?  40?  60?  Let’s go with the typical 40 hour work week.  If there were 4 of you, maybe you could share the job of caring for ONE parent who requires 24/7 care.

Having scheduled care staff for two decades, I know that even an energetic caregiver poops out after 40-60 hours.  Yet, family caregivers are often expected to work 4 times as much as even they would admit is acceptable.

Providing EXCELLENT care can only happen when we FIRST admit that it will take more than ONE person to do the work that may be needed to properly care for YOUR loved one.

So, let’s be realistic.  And let’s make all our worries ACTIONABLE.  We can help you and your loved ones get there.  Our first ACTION will be a discussion.  After all.  Communication is the Currency for Excellent Care.

Ben Smith is the Founder & President of Always There Home Care.  Our continuing mission in Columbus Ohio is finding ACTUAL ACTIONABLE SOLUTIONS for seniors who prefer to stay at home.

Ask yourself today.  Are my EMOTIONS ACTIONABLE?  We believe they can be.  Carefully examine the things you are doing for your loved one and what ACTION words may actually fit.

Now, imagine all hell breaks loose.  There’s an injury, a sickness.  Then ask: ARE WE PREPARED?  Call today and begin a discussion that will put a plan of care for your loved one in place.

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