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Advocacy Myths and well intended ‘thoughts’ vs. actions

You’re thinking about it all the time.  How is Dad doing RIGHT THIS SECOND?  Did he eat the dinner I left out for him last night?  Did his morning medication get taken?  Did he fall overnight?

We often mention that there are only TWO kinds of seniors:

The Independent and the FEROCIOUSLY independent.  Would you believe that you…healthy bodied, younger, healthy minded…YOU are also in the second category of senior?  While you may not have all the years, you absolutely share the same feelings your FEROCIOUSLY independent senior feels.

I need to take you on a brief exercise.  Jump back 30 years.  You’re on the playground.  You skin your knee.  You have a major road rash from the asphalt.  You’re already dreading the trip to the nurse.  The nurse puts a nasty bandage on your wound.  It gets stuck.  You come home and have to change the bandage.  Mom’s not available.  Dad puts you on his knee…you lock eyes.  You are petrified.  Dad tells you…”This will only hurt for a second” he rips it off.  You scream.  But..only for a second.

In our minds, the same behavior rings true or similar many years removed.  Our advocacy for our aging parents is now reversed.  You’re now negotiating Dad’s care.  You’re looking him in the eye.  Telling him (or trying to) that the advocacy is only going to sting for a second.  There’s a caregiver you’re wanting him to meet.  There’s a doctor you need for him to see.

Remember the confidence that your own Father used ripping off that bandage.  He knew it was good for you, even if it hurt.  He loved you enough to get through the pain in order to get to the benefit.

When we introduce the idea of care to seniors?  Historically?  95% of the time the idea is rejected.  When we introduce the ACTUAL caregiver?  99.9% of the time the relationship is embraced.

The idea as it turns out is impersonal.  The person?  A person.  In the case of Always There Home Care?  The person is a caring, trained, organized, friendly and reliable person.  A caregiver.

Our clients thrive at home.  They thrive with help.  The fear for families is replaced hope.  The constant concern is alleviated in so knowing that bases are covered.  Meals are made.  Baths are given.  Laundry is folded.  Dishes are done.  Progress is being made.  Relationships are built.  The positives outweigh the negatives in such an incredible landslide.

Let us help you!  Your fears will NOT help your loved one, but your actions most certainly will.  Be an active advocate and make the call for advocacy today!

Ben Smith is the Founder, President and C.C.I.C. at Always There Home Care.  Always There Home Care has served Columbus Ohio’s treasured seniors since 2004.  Each of our clients have access to our 24-Hour Home Care Hotline IMMEDIATELY upon starting services.  Call today to schedule your FREE IN-HOME CARE ASSESSMENT!  (614) 466-3227 (614) HOME-CARE

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