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We Fail In 96% Of Our Caregiver Recruiting Efforts

We fail in 96% of Our Caregiver Recruiting Efforts

They say: “It’s HARD to get GOOD help these days”.

The Truth?: “It’s EASY to get the WRONG help!”

Not all caregivers are experienced. 11% of our candidates reported ZERO caregiving experience.

We have interviewed THOUSANDS of caregivers to build our caregiving team in Columbus Ohio.  THOUSANDS.  And yet we continue to be surprised with the lack of truly qualified candidates.  This is why we so carefully track our recruiting data.

What did these qualified caregivers have in common? Less than you think!

Secrets Our Caregiver Candidates Reveal…

We have interviewed 2,000 Senior Home Caregiver Candidates to compile this data since 2004.  Over 15 Years of caregiver interviews.  Here is the statistical breakdown of some of the data.  About 4% of these caregivers were offered caregiving positions with Always There Home Care.

Survey Results of over 2,000 Elderly Care Caregiving Candidates:

98% Indicated that they could be part of a solution for loneliness.

Meet our Caregiver of the Month for October, James Ford. (Click the link to read more)

90% Were Female. (80% younger than 40 Years old)

87% Of Candidates had experience caring for the aging needs of a senior.

84%  Several professed their desire to help others.

80% They found their way to one of our job fairs, employment listings or recruitment efforts. (20% were referred)

68% Had experience caring for a loved one at home.

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58% Of Female Caregiving candidates are Mothers (85% with more than one child)

33% of candidate caregivers have worked privately for families.

26% Single Mother and Sole Income/Main Household Income

22% of Candidates could boast over a decade of experience

12% of Candidates had criminal background issues.

Caregiver Candidate Statistics, Always There Home Care 2004-2018

11% of Candidates have ZERO experience in caregiving!

Caregiving Candidate Breakdown BY THE NUMBERS:

There is so much to be learned from this data.  For example, could you imagine that from the same 84% of Candidates, 12% have a criminal background violation?  Aren’t these candidates hopeful to provide care in a private home setting?

Qualified Senior Home Caregiver

Are you a good caregiver? This is the puzzle we have solved with a mere 4% of our candidates.

We are told by families who have hired their own private caregivers that they DID NOT screen them with background checks.  Mostly, they didn’t know how.  They felt guilty asking, or they didn’t sense any reason their candidate would need a background check.  Our data one in eight candidates (QUALIFIED CANDIDATES!) had background violations!

Our search for qualified Senior Home Care Caregivers fails 96% of the time!

Professionals Discussing StrategySince opening our doors in 2004, we have understood these numbers and hired accordingly.

We “failed” by continuing the pursue the right candidate, and never settling on the wrong caregiver to join our team.

When your loved one forms a bond with one of our great Caregivers like James Ford (Always There Home Care Caregiver of the Month for October!) We often hear things like: “James is one in a million!”  We don’t disagree!

We know the great value we provide our clients in providing senior home care to Columbus, Ohio.  This value is increased with every measure we take to continually search for caregivers willing to work as a team.  Caregivers willing to go the extra mile.  Caregivers who know their efforts will be appreciated. Caregivers willing to provide ‘person centered care’ Click the link to learn more!

Are you prepared to interview over 100 Candidates to provide care for your senior loved one in Columbus?  We are. Are you looking for a way to improve the life of a Senior?  Are you looking to become a critical part of advocacy for someone who will change your life as you are improving theirs?  We are too!  Come join our team!

Look for our next blog:

When is it time to hire a Caregiver?

Always There Home Care has been serving Central Ohio Seniors and their families since 2004.  Our ongoing mission is to provide at home care solutions for those who have made the important decision to remain at home.

Ben Smith Founder & President

Ben Smith
Founder, President & C.C.I.C.


Meet Our Founder, President & Chief Caregiver In Charge, Ben Smith.  After 5 Years in Hospice Management, Ben wanted to provide seniors and their families in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio with the best care solutions for their loved ones.  With an emphasis on care and people, Always There Home Care was built.

Our continuing mission?  Creating unique solutions for unique seniors.  “Your Home.  Your Rules.  Our Care.” is our motto and our mission.  Find out how we can serve your families unique needs for Alzheimers, Dementia, Care after Surgery, Respite Care, Hospice Assessments, and True 24-Hour Senior Home Care.

Call us today on our Anytime Home Care Hotline: (614) HOME-CARE 466-3227.


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