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When Is It Time To Hire A Caregiver For My Mom?

When is it time to Hire a Caregiver for my Mom?

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Caring for Seniors in Columbus since 2004

Is it time to Hire a Caregiver?

If you read our last blog you are aware of how difficult it can be to hire your own caregiver.

Families we take care of who have attempted to acquire their own senior home health care providers in Columbus, Ohio often tell us a version of the following:

“It’s hard to find good people”

“We had ONE good person and several BAD APPLES”

“We weren’t prepared for all the call offs”

“Our private caregiver wanted to care for Mom around her schedule, not Mom’s”

We have been recruiting qualified caregivers since 2004.  This fall, as we celebrate our 15th year of providing 24-Hour Senior Home Care in Columbus, Ohio we realized we had hit an important milestone.

We realized we had interviewed over 2,000 candidates since we opened our doors to build our team.  As we endeavor to serve your senior loved one, and to make an impact for your family, this number and the data we collected has given us a major insight into WHO caregivers are and HOW to find the best ones.

Going through our process is not a feat that we would wish upon anyone.  That’s a lot of coffee, team meetings and follow ups.  It’s a lot of background checks.  It’s a lot of conversations on the phone with previous employers.  It’s a lot of time.  But our commitment to learning more about caregivers and staying abreast of the types of skills available to caregivers has given us a tremendous leg up in our selection process.   We also always hire way in advance of our staffing and client’s needs.

Nobody Plans for Accidents

 Several years ago we had our family vehicle stolen from the driveway.  This catapulted us unwillingly into the market to make a decision about a new vehicle without having had any time to do market research.  Our need was immediate, but our market awareness was zero.

Senior Home Care Choices Columbus Ohio

Shopping at a time of crisis is THE WORST

This is the landscape that we find families in when it comes time for discharge from a rehab, or when Mom or Dad suddenly becomes completely reliant upon help.

The short answer to the question of When is it time to Hire a Caregiver for My Mom is as follows:

Before a time of crisis.

This is too important of a decision to be made on short notice.  If you find a qualified caregiver at the precise time of your elevated need, you should ask yourself an important question:

If this Caregiver is so good…whey are they unemployed?

I’m available to help NOW!!

The answer may never become available.  We have found that the best caregivers working are BOOKED solid!  After all, caregivers we have come to know are not only professional caregivers, they care for loved ones at home as well.  At Always There Home Care, many of our team work part time in order to stay available for commitments within their families dynamic.

Creating a team approach to care and enabling caregivers to work within smaller caregiving “groups” amongst our larger team?  This is part of our formula to being able to say YES to families who come to us for help.

Beginning a plan of care Today for Tomorrow’s Emergency

We have been meeting families at times of crisis since 2004.  Turns out, after a death, a surgery, or at the onset of impairment is nobody’s favorite time to meet someone new.

For the families we serve, we provide same day access to our 24-Hour services.  This is a tremendous comfort to busy families and family caregivers.  Starting even a modest care plan of a few visits per week can avoid the panicked confusion at time of crisis.

Not only will Mom or Dad be assured to have elevated coverage during their emergency or their recovery, they can do so in the comforts of their own home.

If YOU are the emergency option for your loved one ask yourself this:

Am I a qualified Caregiver?  

Am I available 24/7?

Who will take over my responsibilities now that Mom or Dad need me constantly?

Beginning a relationship before the time of crisis is a Godsend that families we have served in the past recommend to their friends who they’ve told about us.  Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo speaks about this on our YouTube page, click HERE for the link.

Emergency Plan for Mom

Our next Blog: Establishing an Emergency Plan for Mom

The Benefits of Aligning with Always There Home Care and

Establishing an Emergency Care Plan for Mom  will be further discussed in our next blogs.

Get to know us and you’ll know that the time to hire a qualified care company is now.

Ben Smith is the Founder, President and Chief Caregiver in Charge at Always There Home Care.  Our continuing mission in Columbus, Ohio is serving seniors and their families with personal care, companionship, and hygiene assistance in the place of greatest comfort.  After all..

There’s no place like home!

Call us today to book a Free In-Home Care Assessment with our company Founder & President.  (614) HOME-CARE 466-3227

Email: AlwaysThereHomeCare@Gmail.Com

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