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Those Bizarre Symptoms Are Typical Dementia Behaviors

Those Bizarre Symptoms are Typical Dementia Behaviors

So often when I’m speaking to a new client who’s beginning to notice signs that their loved one needs assistance, they say something like this:

“I can’t believe Mom did this, BUTT…”

We’ve heard of seniors who think there is someone spying on them.

There’s a gentlemen we know and love who is often convinced his neighbors are stealing his heat.

Mom insists on speaking in the garage so her neighbors can’t hear her.

Dad is pretty sure his caregiver is his Mother.

While many of these exhibited behaviors are harmless, we also see typical yet dramatic crisis.

Mom is disposing of her soiled undergarments in the trash can.

Dad is getting lost while running errands in the same neighborhood he’s lived in for 40 years.

Mom has milk in the refrigerator from this Summer.

Dad has stopped bathing altogether.

Mom has completely withdrawn from her friends and family members.

Dad hasn’t been to church in two years.

Mom is writing several checks each month to charities we aren’t even sure are legitimate.

Dementia is unique.  Troubling.  Painful.  Costly.  It keeps families on their toes.  It can divide.  It is humbling.  Here’s what we say about Dementia:

If you are beginning to see some of these stories become your own, call us to schedule an assessment.  If you want to further review your choices, read the article below and see if these issues are also striking close to home.

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