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Serving Needs Of Reluctant Senior Care Recipients

Serving Needs of Reluctant Senior Care Recipients

I am approaching my 20th year serving the needs of Seniors and their families.  Our company has served HUNDREDS of families and for them, each time we serve a family, they have never been thru this before.

Therefore, it is often that I get to tell them the following phrase that I have found to be completely true: 


While this statement is pretty blanket obvious, I am going to unpack it a bit.  First of all, I believe being INDEPENDENT to be a strength and not a weakness.  After all, your Mom or dad have lived INDEPENDENTLY in many cases for greater than 40 years.  If anything, we are learning HOW to serve them as they are learning WHY we are honored to serve their daily needs.

I also do not see INDEPENDENCE as a barier one must cross or change in order to receive care.  For some, this may indeed be a hurdle.  I have found that this ‘hurdle’ is best addressed in an honest and open discussion.  In doing so, I have found addressing INDEPENDENCE to be more of a positive than a negative.

To explore this idea within each of the two groups of seniors, there are absolutely varying degrees of temperatures.  Would you believe me if I told you that I have had a gun pulled by a FEROCIOUSLY INDEPDENDENT senior?  I sure did and ironically this happened of all places at a place called Friendship Village.

Fortunately for that gentlemen and myself I am still alive to tell the tale.  Also, our team came to honorably serve this man’s wife whom he was clearly ferociously protective of.  We went on to also serve her once FEROCIOUSLY PROTECTIVE AND INDEPENDENT (gun collecting) husband as well and he came to truly admire and adore our team.

When we meet an INDEPENDENT senior or their beloved family member, I explain to their loved ones that we are going to be following ABC’s of Home Care:


It will ALWAYS be an absolute HONOR for us to serve the elderly.  We have EVERY reason to do so with great pride, humble dignity and an open heart.  Care for a senior should always begin with a mission to advocate with even the most seemingly simplistic of choices that a senior will make.  This is also why our motto is: “Your Home.  Your Rules.  Our Care.”

Ben Smith is the Founder & President of Always There Home Care.  While he’s only ever had one gun pulls on him, he survives to serve his favorite group on earth.  The seniors of Central, Ohio.  As a lifetime resident of Columbus, Ohio and an avid Buckeye fan, Ben has created unique programs and a versatile, experienced and loving care in Central Ohio.  Call today to speak directly with Ben about the needs of your senior loved one.



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