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5 Signs Mom & Dad Need Help NOW

Walking in the rain. Care for Mom and Dad in Columbus, Ohio.

Taking the Reign for your aging parents.

Lets admit something here.  We only shop for rain jackets WHILE IT’S RAINING.

We don’t buy SOUP unless it’s cold outside.  When it’s cold?  We stock up.

We are odd creatures.  This is established and confirmed.

When we go to the store for an item…We need it NOW.  Here are some signs that prove YOU need to be making arrangements for Mom & Dad NOW.


5 Signs Mom & Dad Need Help NOW!!

#5.  SPOTTY Denial.  They are flat out denying the obvious.  Dad’s claiming he has Denial of aging parents needing help.showered and shaved and yet he looks like a lumberjack.  He stinks.  He never did before.  He’s wearing the same clothes and has surrendered use of the laundry.  There’s excuses from Mom about how certain appliances ‘are not working’ when really?  They work fine, Mom just forgot how to use them.  OR they are located in the basement and there is fear about going downstairs leading to…

#4. NOTHING is getting done.  Intentions are not getting action.  The grass in the yard is a foot long, the leaky faucet is..Still leaky.  Items Mom & Dad would normally handle instantly are being mis-handled presently.  Systems normally in place (hampers, bills, regular social activities) are NOT getting handled.  Regrets are often voiced.  Overwhelmed is status quo.  This leads us to…

#3. Obsessing & Regretting.  Old pained memories of what could have been, or what should have been are exclusively coming up in conversations.  This often belies a deeper truth.  NOTHING is happening in their daily life and routine to inspire new thought.

There is shame that doesn’t belong.  Interests become singular or tunnel vision.  Worrying is not a verb, but the effects it can wreak are action worthy.  They cause…



I’m no doctor, but it’s hard to obsess over something when you are engaged in a conversation with a ‘friend’ who comes into your house to take you out to the park or grocery shopping or to a movie or to the senior center.  On the other hand, it’s so easy to get depressed staring at 4 walls all day long.  Depression could be number one on this list, but here’s one that you didn’t see coming that tops the list.  YOU.

#1. YOU sense something is just off about Mom & Dad.  Maybe a combo of 1-4 is happening in your parents household.  Maybe you just have that instinctual awareness that is telling you that this time you won’t leave without doing something about beginning to address all of the concerns that are piling up.  This time you’re going to call someone who can make an impact right now.  An impact that wouldn’t flip Mom and Dad’s world upside down, nor necessitate their moving or surrendering anything at all.  You can see there is a need.  Maybe it’s hard to put your thumb directly on, but it’s there.  It’s got teeth and it could turn ugly and dominate your world and Mom & Dad’s world if it doesn’t get addressed.  Who would know this better than YOU??

Great care begins with a conversation.  Text me.  Email me.  Let’s begin that conversation and clear some of the smoke before a dumpster fire breaks out.  You can do this without the confusing elements that are plaguing Mom and Dad.  The ball is in your court.  Advocacy is an art form but it doesn’t require an artist.  Just a daughter, son, or in law who is tuned in enough to recognize the problem and see a solution that involves care.

Ben Smith
Founder, President & C.C.I.C.
Always There Home Care

Ben Smith is the Founder, President and C.C.I.C. (Chief Caregiver In Charge) at Always There Home Care.  Our team’s ongoing mission is to provide daily assistance to our beloved seniors, wherever they make their home and whatever their unique needs may be.

Our motto: “Your Home.  Your Rules.  Our Care.” Find out more about what that means for your family by calling us today:

(614) HOME-CARE 466-3227


Text Ben Directly: (614) 649-0684


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