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Senior Home Care and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Seniors Coronavirus

Seniors and the Coronavirus

It’s here.  It’s real.  It’s big.  It’s affected EVERYONE ON EARTH.  And really?  Nobody saw it coming.  Ok, well Bill Gates did and if you want to see the video:

Bill Gates

But really nobody else saw this coming.  And nobody has exactly shed a bright shining light of truth at what ultimately this pandemic will mean for us in the post coronavirus world.  Furthermore, nobody knows when we will officially be in that world anyway.  What’s your guess?  6 months? 2 years?

We are so inept to navigate thru this, we can really not even examine a period of time in our history that is similar, unless we go back to the Spanish flu.  Yes, some 100 years ago.Spanish Flu vs Coronavirus

Is the pandemic something we can learn from?  I hope we can find the time as a population to examine ourselves amidst this crisis.

American micro reactions, our civil unrest and our relatively quick tendencies to ‘revolt’ against the guidance and recommendations of medical experts.

It makes one wonder about reactions to the Spanish Flu.  Were there any similarities?   Did people question the importance of preventative measures?  Did they revolt with relative immediacy when it was advised to avoid infected individuals?  Was there historical civil unrest following the Spanish Flu?

All we really have are our questions.  And an extreme need for patience.  And hope.  Hope for a cure, hope for a better understanding of what we have on our hands, hope for a return to normalcy..

Here’s our hope at Always There Home Care:

Our hope for the future is that normalcy is easier to embrace regardless of the form it represents.

But what about our Beloved Seniors?  How is the Pandemic affecting their worlds?

When the pandemic manifested in the United States in early February, many of the seniors whom we provide our in home care services felt the common panic.  Some decided to pause their services. Most expressed fear in sharing the infection with another of our clients.  Some had children who were furloughed or suddenly out of work and would be taking over our caregiving duties.

Other clients of ours needed to expand their services.  Some who had us scheduled for surgery recovery help at home were forced to delay services.  Remember these individuals, our treasured clients are *the HIGHEST RISK GROUP!

Coronavirus Testing

Pvt. Pat Dawsonhassell, a 20-year-old Lake Charles resident with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 156th Infantry Regiment, 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, screens patients at a COVID 19 mobile testing site at Burton Coliseum in Lake Charles, Louisiana, March 26, 2020. (U.S. Air Force National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Toby Valadie)

A handful of our clients who received regular daily help from our team suddenly had adult children out of work who were able to be available to them as caregivers and subsequently also paused services.

How many of our clients have become infected with the Coronavirus?  So far one.  She was traveling and an infected asymptomatic family member transmitted the illness.  We have been forced to pause services and fortunately, after a brief hospital stay, we are pleased to report our client is in recovery and in good health.  This has not been the norm nationally for 89 year old women.

How are we keeping our clients safe during covid?

Here is our Always There Home Care Mandate:

  1. Daily temperature checks for our caregivers on working days.

2. Zero visits to facilities (several clients of ours reside in facilities, many of which have entirely prohibited our entry)

3. One client visit per day per caregiver.

4. 2 week mandatory unassigned quarantine for any staff whom have been infected or have family members who are infected.

As we serve Seniors in Columbus, Ohio who are home bound, these measures were critical and essential to enable peace of mind.  Our heroic staff of caregivers continue to present tremendous care to the seniors and their families whom we serve.

Is it still safe to receive At Home Care with Always There Home Care? Yes!!

Is it safer than care in a facility?  OH MY GOD YES IT IS…

How may we help your senior loved one in Columbus, Ohio?  Call our 24-Hour Home Care Hotline to find out! (614) HOME-CARE 466-3227.


Ben Smith is the Founder, President and C.C.I.C. (Chief Caregiver In Charge) at Always There Home Care.  All families who begin services will meet first with Ben to discuss a family emergency plan, a care plan, the financial outline of private care services and our policies and procedures.  Care needs, durable medical equipment, medication and diet concerns and our caregiver match program will be discussed.

This In-Home Care Assessment can be conducted via zoom or face time call and is always 100% Free of Charge.

Call today to arrange your Home Care Assessment.


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