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National Alzheimers Disease Awareness Month

National Alzheimers Disease Awareness Month

Did you know November was National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month?

November has been a great month to reflect upon for us.  Sadly, we have had to give painful goodbye’s to some treasured people who we came to care for.  We sure appreciated our opportunity to serve these great people and we will cherish their memories.  We will also continue to enjoy the great relationships we have built with their families and their loved ones.

At times like these, we can be grateful that we could have a role in the advocacy and hands on care needed at end of life for such special seniors.

Our staff sure has felt the appreciative reaches our clients have made out to them this month, and the sweet messages that have poured in celebrating our team’s hard work and their dedication to our beloved senior clients.

For family members and grieving friends alike, there are resources.  We have found

to be a phenomenal resource.

Every person we have come to serve is unique.  We believe that treating all of them with compassion and fairness is the most authentic and fair way to do our work.  The families we serve appreciate the role that we come to play.  They know our motto and what it means:

Our company mission and motto

Starting out with a modest care plan is an excellent step in the right direction.  Doing this will ensure that your loved one has a baseline of care set up.  This way, our staff are familiar with your loved one before the onset of a crisis.  When a crisis does strike?  You already know the team who’s going to be there for you 24-Hours a day if that’s what it takes.

Ben Smith is Always There Home Care’s Founder & President.  Call Ben directly to discuss the home care needs of your loved one: (614) 649-0684.  Home consultations are Always free.  Pet Care is included at no additional charge in our care plans.  Clients can call us 24/7/365 on our Always Open, Always There, Home Care Hotline:

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