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Seniors Love Pets

Seniors Love Pets

Seniors Love Pets! 

At Always There Home Care, we have been serving Central Ohio Seniors for nearly 20 years.  And since day one?  We have also been taking care of the furry friends our seniors treasure.

Every family we serve gets treated with this extra special level of care.  We serve families with our utmost respect.  Serving your senior loved one’s animals is just another way for us to show that respect, and to live out our motto:

But what does this mean when it comes to how seniors choose to live?

Senior Home Care Columbus Ohio Pet Care

Ben & Pet Lover Jack Hanna

Senior pet care.  Senior home care.

Care for your furry friend included in care for your beloved senior.

Would it surprise you to learn that historically over 45% of the seniors we serve have dogs or cats?  Cats and dogs provide such a comforting element to daily life.  Our seniors treasure their pets as they do their grandchildren.  Providing compassion and care to the creatures our seniors love is just one more way to better show love and compassion to our clients themselves.

Visiting Angels Columbus Ohio

Our Clients LOVE their animals

But what does this mean to our Plan of Care?  This means that over 45% of our care plans include PET CARE.  Our caregivers are more than willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.  Caring for your senior loved ones little furry creature is one of our team’s favorite ways to show how much we care.

I have had great privilege to serve seniors for over 20 years.  For 5 years, I managed hospice.  Walking the difficult walk with those who are at the end of life takes guts.  How many times have you heard stories of miraculous therapy dogs easing the transition from this life to the next?  There is clearly a unique role that only a beloved animal can play in providing comfort and joy to someone suffering.

If you read our blog post about preparing to receive care at home, you won’t see anything about taking dogs or cats out of the house.  What you will see is a question asking: How can we help take care of your furry friend?

Home Instead Senior Home Care Columbus Ohio

Spirit and Tiki. Crime fighters and ding dongs.

Keep your dog!  Keep your cat!  Stay at home!

Ben Smith is our Founder and President at Always There Home Care.  He and his wife Jen, their 8 children and their furry friends Tiki and Spirit make their home in Columbus, Ohio.  Spirit is a Bichon, but thinks he is a Lion.  Tiki is a teacup Chihuaha but he masquerades as a secret agent, solving crimes after dark.

Call our 24-Hour Home Care Hotline to learn how we can help your senior loved one enjoy life at home with their beloved furry friend.

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