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Giving the Gift of Care

The Gift of Care

Care is undervalued. All care. Not just skilled, non-skilled or professional care.  All care is undervalued.

Maybe that’s because so often it’s given away for free.  We never paid our parents.  We don’t charge our caring spouse.  We don’t pay our neighbors.  The care we get from our church or community services are often paid in donation or by taxes.

Great Care Expectations

Great care from family and community services add quality to our lives.  The care we receive enriches our homes and home towns and provide vivid color to our perception of our home’s value.

Great Care becomes the expectation, yet almost never the reality.  We live in a time in which the reality of the care others receive paints our own expectations.  We make our decisions about where to shop, eat or spend our vacations based upon the experience others receive.

When we don’t get the care we expect, we are irritated.  We stop our patronage.  We vent.  We tell our friends.  We write nasty reviews.

Some very dear friends of ours adopted a child from an orphanage in Russia.  Their adopted son spent the first three years of his life without ever being held.  He sat in a crib utterly devoid of any hands on care.  Subsequently, the special care that he will require all of his adolescence and the learning and behavioral issues that have arisen because of this unthinkable lack of care will be a challenge for his family and for him personally throughout life.

Going Without Care

The lack of care really destroys our experience.  When the care isn’t there, the food doesn’t taste as good.  The experience is tainted.

If you don’t think you under appreciate care, consider the last time it was missing!

We sure know when it’s NOT there!

Great care is implied but it is hardly ever valued for the true difference it can make.

I have sat with so many families during care assessments as they implored their family Matriarch to finally accept the help from our company.  Mom had been the sole caregiver for Dad before this meeting took place.  As the adult sons and daughters struggled to adequately prove the value that their Mother’s care represented to the family, and came shy of putting in to words the value that their Mother’s care?  I decided I would provide the value for them.  For many families, the figure was daunting.  Mom had after all provided the first several years of care.  By the time we are called, we can see the finish line.

Quality of Care = Quality of Care

In life’s rich creation, our realities are shaped by the care we receive.  Care is the difference. When we think about what makes any exchange great? We think about the care that we have received there…grocery store, bank, movie theater, hospital.

When we think about how challenging it can be to accomplish goals as we age, we are soon to forget how difficult even the most simple of tasks become as we graduate in years.

Aging with a Sherpa

I was blessed with an opportunity in my mid 20’s to be the Sunday School teacher for an amazing group of Freshmen in High School.  Our program lasted four years and at the conclusion of our 4 years of service projects and mission trips, we would take a 10 day sherpa led expedition into the Adirondack mountains of the North East.

While it was an incredible, nearly impossible challenge, I knew it would have been impossible if not for the sherpas.  Their care, their constant support and guidance enabled us safe passage.  Considering the terrain and the weather, would have been in certain peril if not for the guided expertise and encouragements of or tremendous sherpas.

We are often told that our staff are like family.  The families we serve often say things like:

“We don’t know what we would have done

without Always There Home Care.”

It’s time to find out what Always There Home Care can do for your family.  It’s time to see the life enriching differences your loved one can experience by beginning a relationship with an aging sherpa.  An experienced, caring and dedicated team of caregivers capable of expanding care to 24-Hours a day if needed.  Instant access to a 24-Hour Home Care hotline and the ability to change your loved one’s care plan the same day of need.

Smith with his late Father, Mark Smith

Ben Smith is the Founder, President and C.C.I.C. (Chief Caregiver In Charge) at Always There Home Care.  The ongoing mission at Always There Home Care is to provide elder care solutions for the best families in the greatest city on earth, Columbus, Ohio.

Call us today to begin a care plan for your loved one.  Call: (614) HOME-CARE 466-3227 and schedule your Free In-Home Care Assessment today.


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