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How To Get Better Care At A Senior Facility.  10 Steps.

How to get better care at a Senior Facility. 10 steps.

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Facilities can be alienating. Stack the deck by getting help at the facility or being a full-time advocate.

#10. Get a better facility.  They are all not alike.  We know the good, bad and ugly ones.  Call us today for a recommendation.  You have the choice to leave a facility if they are not accomplishing your loved one’s goals.  You can also set up appropriate care at home.

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Greasing wheels at the facility gets results.

#9. Remember: The squeaky wheel gets the oil.  Your loved one is literally competing for care against those who have been there longer or who have a set system of needs.  Orchestrating care advocacy for your loved one will require a ‘system of needs statement’ which is a care plan with great clarity.

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Writing thank you notes or reminders will get results for better care.

#8. Ask, then ask again.  Is Mom or Dad always asking you for the same few things?  Are they complaining about the same old things?  In the corporate world, complaints should always rise upwards.  In a facility, make sure that your loved ones concerns are being provided in written form (emails, letters, texts, survey cards, etc.).  Make your wishes known to facility administrators, social workers and also to the hands on caregivers also.  Facilities are a revolving door.  You must be prepared to deliver this message to the day team, the night team, the floating team, and the staff on hand.

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Administrators get too many phone calls. Go in and advocate in person. The differences are amazing.

#7. Advocacy is always better accomplished in person. Visit your loved one DAILY.  This will go a long way in ensuring proper care is received.  Baths are given.  Meds are taken.  Water is fresh.  Exercise is happening.  Therapy is on schedule.  Release dates aren’t forgotten.

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Your search and tracking of progress will expedite your loved ones release from facility.

#6. Be there.  Don’t leave.  Stay and ensure care is provided.  Mind you, this exercise is NOT for the faint of heart.  It’s just about as hard as being the care recipient at a facility. 614-Home-Care. Care for Dad in Columbus, Ohio. Care for Mom in Central Ohio.

Bring in favorite blankets and towels.

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Flowers perk up the gloomiest facility rooms.

#5. Provide encouragement to your loved one.  Bring in pieces of clean fresh clothing.  Flowers.  Pictures.  Balloons.

#4. Carefully set up a plan of care for the return home.  Our team is willing to meet at the facility and even introduce our home care team to your loved one before they get home from the facility.  Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel will also help the healing process.

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If the care staff at a facility know you by your first name? Your loved one will get better care.

#3. Get to know EVERYONE at the facility.  Introduce your loved one to the care team.  Bring in treats for the care providers.  Attend a physical therapy session.

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Home Cooked meals are all the motivation someone may need to have the energy for their therapy.

#2. Bring in flavors from home.  Home cooked meals never taste better than when you can enjoy them where you’d least expect to.  Those familiar flavors and aromas will serve as great motivation to return to THE most comfortable place for Mom & Dad.

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Your loved one deserves One-On-One Care

#1. Bring in your OWN Caregiver!  When our clients go into a facility, our staff almost always go also.  A Private Home Care provider in a facility?  But why?  This person can accomplish every item on this list.  The families we serve are MASTER ADVOCATORS and they insist upon their loved ones receiving the attention they deserve.

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Ben with William. Care recipient and friend.

Ben Smith is the Founder, President and C.C.I.C. at Always There Home Care (Chief Caregiver IN Charge).  Since 2003, Ben has been searching for great caregivers for the team in Columbus.  Call today to set up an phone meeting with Ben to discuss the needs of your loved one.

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