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Touching Poem “My Boy” Shared By Army Veteran

Touching Poem “My Boy” Shared By Army Veteran

Senior Home Care Columbus Ohio

Ben Smith with 91 year old William

I had a wonderful chance to visit one of my favorite men in Ohio on Friday.  We had an amazing lunch in his kitchen and then quickly got to telling stories about our families.  William had been saving something to share with me, and on this day, decided it was time to share.

To say I was moved to tears by this poem is an understatement.  I am so very fortunate to serve our elderly in Columbus, Ohio.  It’s beyond inspiring to share stories with our heroic Veterans.  Last Friday, I was touched by this poem.  I was moved to tears.  Shared by my very dear friend and 91 year old perfect gentlemen, William.  The poem was was written in 1946 by William’s Father,  He was a Lutheran Pastor and a prolific writer and story teller.  I wish I could have been witness to one of his sermons.  I share his poem  here with a warning to first grab a box of Kleenex before you read it.  As a Father of 4 sons, I am HUMBLED by these touching and heart wrenching sentiments shared by a loving Father as his son stepped so boldly into the unknown.  As we treasure our nation’s veterans, I know there could never be enough we could do for them.  Let us not forget their families and the sacrifices they have made for us.  This poem is certain to remind you of those sacrifices.

My Boy

My little boy went out from home

To Take a soldier’s place.

He knew not where his steps would roam,

But trusted in God’s grace.

He did not like this turn in life,

But took it like a man,

And said: “With others in this strife I’ll do the best I can.”

He little knew what he must face,

This boy of mine so dear,

But in his heart was God’s great grace

Which kept him from all fear.

He took his Bible as he went;

He keeps it by his side.

He knows its words are heaven-sent;

It’s message is world-wide.

This boy of mine has crossed the sea

With other boys his size.

I know that he still think of me;

He knows he’s in my eyes.

Yes, in my eyes, this boy of mine,

And in my heart to stay.

This little boy, he is so fine

He must come back some day.


We’ve lent him to the Lord for this.

He knows he’s in God’s hand.

Though every day his face we miss,

He’ll do a work that’s grand.


He’s not the only boy I know;

But just the same, you’ll see,

This boy of mine, I love him so,

He’s just the boy for me.


We’ve had a lot of fun in time,

This boy of mine and me.

Our lives were mutually sublime,

As happy as could be.


He had his faults, this I confess

And he admits that too.

He only boasts of righteousness

In Christ, who died for you.


This boy of mine is just nineteen,

A little boy to me,

And yet, already he has seen

Far more than Dad will see.


I’m thankful as I think of him

And know his faith is strong.

He’ll not be moved by every whim

That satan brings along.


He’ll test things out by God’s great book.

He’ll find the way that’s right.

It’s precepts he’ll not overlook

His faith will be his sight.


This boy of mine is overseas

And thrown with wicked men;

But he’ll be found upon his knees

When he is tried by sin.


This is my hope and all my stay

In this I find much joy;

While I must wait for that glad day

When I shall see my boy.


Each time I read this great poem it evokes tears.  In the coming weeks, I am starting a project to celebrate and restore this precious work.  I want it to serve as reminder to all of the families of Veterans.  I have some friends I will be calling upon to help me with this important work and I will be sharing it here and on Facebook.  Please leave a comment or a question, and please share it.

I am reminded to do this important thing, whenever I get the chance to take it.  Thank a Veteran.  Hug a veteran.  And for the families of Veterans?  All our love goes out to them for their courageous suffering for the well-being of our country.  Let us all lift them up and remember their sacrifice this holiday season.

Senior Home Care Columbus, Ohio

Ben & Page B. Client of 3 years.

Ben Smith is Founder & President of Always There Home Care.  He get’s to meet the best people on earth, right here in Columbus, Ohio working with our cherished seniors.  How can we help your senior loved one today?  Call us and let us know!  (614) HOME-CARE 466-3227

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