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The Four Stages Of Caregiving.  Rosalynn Carter

The Four Stages of Caregiving. Rosalynn Carter

I love this quote from Rosalynn Carter:

For me?  It’s right on the money.  In her infinite wisdom, she most certainly saw and advocated and inspired a nation of caregivers.

Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter

During Jimmy Carter’s Presidency (1977-1981) , Rosalynn was an inspirational voice and a comfort to many causes and movements.  Within the framework of her advocacy, she made a difference for families and single Mother’s, impoverished families and those suffering with mental health issues.  In many ways, her early support in the work to better understand council and support those suffering with mental illness has paved the way for our country to better embrace and assist those with mental illness.

It was Rosalynns’ hard scrabble early years that emboldened her passions to give voice to the less fortunate, hard working middle class.  Rosalynn is also credited for her appreciation and national attention on the performing arts.

Her work to support, understand and provide assistance for the elderly may be her most significant contributions.  Today, Rosalynn is 92 years young and certainly freshly aware on a daily basis of the importance of having proper support, advocacy and a care plan for come what may.

As we apply this quote in our own lives…does it take you back?  Do you remember the early care you were given?  Likely not.  Do you recall the critical day to day needs of your very young ones?  Hard to forget.

This week, our 7 week old granddaughter Aubrey suddenly stopped breathing.  Nothing could be more frightening.  Our household panicked.  My wife was in hysterics.  I was not home!  One of our son’s literally fainted from the overwhelming drama and concern.  It was a living nightmare.  In the end, we were blessed to have first responders.  Quick access to medical care, and a young lady who is keeping us on our toes.  It was a reminder  that we didn’t want or need, but a reminder all the same.  We can’t turn our backs on the critical nature and constant need of our helpless loved ones.

We return to this very basic position of need in advanced age.  It is often noted that the needs of the elderly and the newly born are paralleled.  With a newborn, we have countless books, experts and strategies.  The issues a newborn may face are known.  Almost standard.  Even issues that are rare, are well documented and treated.

Aging is a choose your own adventure joy ride.  Advanced age is proposition that not all of us get to experience.  Average life expectancy doesn’t even really grant us 80 years.  Those who are on the other side?  They don’t get to provide all their insights in the end.  Our opinions are shaped by experiences of friends, great uncles, grandparents.  Here’s another quote from a dear friend of mine offered to me in a challenging time when my own Father was battling stage 4 prostate cancer:

“The Only Way Out is Thru”

Our clients that have advice for YOU?  They would say, “don’t wait”.  Build a relationship with a care provider and develop a care plan so nobody suffers.  When is the right time to start?  Read our blog:

We are proud of the work we do.  Here’s something I didn’t suspect I would have the opportunity to do, and certainly not so soon.

One of our clients is experiencing some cognitive challenges with her Dementia diagnosis and some hallucinating and some very vivid and real nightmarish dreams.  Yesterday, she was in the fight of her life and locked out our home care staff.  We had to result to calling the first responders.  I was a “second responder” and as I spoke with my client, and eased her mind, I was also able to discern that she was 100% completely exhausted and acting out.  Within a moment or two of having a meal with her and keeping her comfortable, she slept away most of the afternoon.

This heightened interaction also granted me the opportunity to thank the first responders.  The same firemen and police who were at my own home merely 12 hours before.

How can we help your loved one?

Ben Smith is the Founder, President and C.C.I.C. (Chief Caregiver In Charge) at Always There Home Care.

Our mission and our teams purpose is to provide appropriate care for your loved one as they embrace this critical next phase of life.

It can come like a ton of bricks and it can be a challenge greater than any other.  We are here and ready to help.

Call our 24-Hour Home Care Hotline to get started with a Free In-Home Care Assessment with Ben.

Also: Feel Free to Text Ben: (614) 649-0684

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