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Elevated Senior Care Arrives in Salt Lake City

Elevated Senior Care Arrives in Salt Lake County

Meet AJ Simmons,RN. Life Long Utah Resident and Registered Nurse.  This December, AJ is accepting a new role as President of Always There Home Care, Salt Lake City.

in 2015, Always There Home Care Founder Ben Smith had his world turned upside down .  His Father Mark Smith, a 30 year Utah resident was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.  After bouncing around the hospital systems, Smith and his Father ended up in the care of AJ Simmons, RN.

“We came to know AJ during an extended hospital stay for my Father in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As our nurse, AJ was prolific in his depth of knowledge and with his compassionate hands on attention.  Having AJ’s insights and awareness were a critical blessing at our time of crisis.”

What came next was the beginning of a breakthrough relationship with a caregiver and his patients.  The Smith’s came to rely on AJ for navigating their confusing and increasingly trying challenges with a medically complex diagnosis of stage 4 metastasized prostate cancer.

“It was the first time I had ever seen such personalized care from an RN.  AJ made himself available to me for any and all questions about my Father’s illness, even as I traveled home to Ohio.  It was critical that I had the clarity of AJ’s insights about my Father, even from across the country.”

Amazing Care 

Smith was amazed to experience high level personalized attention from such a large hospital.  “AJ’s advice, empathy and medical attention shed a bright light into our darkness.  He worked to keep our large family informed and aware in order to anticipate and prepare accordingly.  AJ cared enough to keep us connected.  He really showed us the way and sometimes the only way out is through.”

Called to Serve

Simmons felt the call to health care during his own health care crisis in his youth.  Diagnosed with Osteomyelitis while serving an LDS mission, AJ became deathly ill.  Fighting his own disease with the help of prolific support and attentive care was life changing for AJ.  His eyes were open to the difference that proper care can make in one’s own health journey. This life changing crisis would foster in AJ the desire to create caring solutions for his patients.  Says AJ “When you administer care to someone, you have to appreciate what it’s like to be in their shoes.  Caring for an individual also means caring for their family.  Seeing them all thru a challenging time is a gift that is its own reward.”

The Gift of Care

The true gift of receiving attentive care in his own time of need forever changed AJ’s perspective about what care really could be.  “Only when you have been touched by the gift of truly attentive care, you can come to understand and appreciate the art of giving that gift to others.”

After a long fight for the Mark Smith family, Mark would pass at his home with his wife by his side in Provo, in February of 2015.  Conversations between the Smith family AJ continued.  Ben was determined to enable other’s in their time of need to experience what he his family had.

Company Founder Ben with his Dad Mark Smith

AJ Simmons, RN Joins the Always There Family

“AJ had become a part of our family.  We weren’t prepared to let our Father go, and I was determined to work professionally with someone with such an incredible heart and such a true gift of compassion as AJ, Simmons.”

For Smith and Simmons, it was clear their passions for providing attentive care for seniors shared a unique vision.  Their combined efforts and interests found common ground.


“Only by first serving others, can we come to know true patient advocacy.”-AJ Simmons, RN.

Simmons saw inefficiencies and poor care management hurting his own hospital and patient outcomes.  The hospital systems standard of care did not match his own.

Simmons made it his own quest to provide an elevated care standard for his own patients. In his work with Always There Home Care Founder, Ben Smith, AJ has built his own vision and standard of care.

In Utah, AJ has created a care team prepared to offer exceptional, one-on-one hands on Senior Home Care in Salt Lake City.

Exceptional Senior Home Care in Salt Lake City, Utah

Working and managing in facility care for over a decade, AJ developed meaningful relationships with seniors and their families whom he credits with his inspiration to serve.  Says Simmons: “I found the greatest rewards came when we could take just one extra step to ensure proper measures had been taken to see our senior clients thru their toughest challenges.”  As President of Always There Home Care, AJ has a new mission.

“For families that require special attention for their loved ones, AJ is a natural choice of leadership at the helm of our program in Salt Lake City.  Having familiarity with Utah’s hospital and hospice systems, AJ brings an awareness and an exceptional vision of care to Utah’s Seniors and their family members.  AJ is a perfect fit for our mission to enable seniors in Utah to have attentive care at home.”

Always There Home Care Salt Lake City

For the last two years, we have carefully planned our patient centered approach and the implementation of our Caregiver Match Program, and our 24-Hour Home Care Hotline (801) HOME-CARE for seniors and their families in Salt Lake County.

Our unique brand of care has touched thousands of families in Columbus, Ohio.  Our rich tradition will find a great home in Salt Lake and will allow us to serve seniors all across Utah.  With Simmons’s unique touch, Always There Home Care Salt Lake County is prepared to enable seniors to experience senior home care, the way it should always be:

“Your Home.  Your Rules.  Our Care.”

Creating elevated senior care solutions with real time access to 24-Hour Registered Nursing care is a perk exclusive to Always There Home Care program recipients and their families.

Bringing this level of care to those in the senior home health realm is a dream come true for Simmons.  Continues AJ, “I couldn’t be more excited to bring Always There Home Care into the Wasatch Valley.  More than anything, we know our seniors in facility, hospitals and hospice patients want to be home.  With Always There Home Care, we can make this promise to them and keep it.  There really is no place like home.”

Says Smith, “we feel so blessed to have AJ Simmons prolific leadership and patient first focus to the people of Salt Lake County.

Having experienced his care first hand, we know what an asset AJ and his team will be for families in need.  In AJ Simmons, we have an incredibly knowledgeable Registered Nurse who brings a level of excellence and know-how to our team that we could not be more thrilled about.  Our Utah seniors will be the benefactor of an elevated standard in senior home care.”

Being able to navigate complex issues, medication changes and aligning proper care is one step away.  Patients and family members of Always There Home Care in Salt Lake City can begin to coordinate the care needs of their loved one by calling our 24-Hour Home Care Hotline: (801) HOME-CARE.  Now, Mom and Dad can receive all the benefits of facility care and 24/7 access to Nursing care in the comforts of their own home.

You can learn more about our program benefits by visiting us on the web at or by visiting our Facebook page:


Or, call us at Always There Home Care via our 24-Hour Home Care Hotline: (801) HOME-CARE 466-3227 or ask our Ask-A-Nurse-Anything email: AskAnRN@AlwaysThereSLC.Com.


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