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Christmas Insanity 2019

Christmas Insanity 2019

As family advocates Christmas is certainly the “best” time of the year.  AM I Right?!!? Are you picking up on the sarcasm?

Christmastime is that perfect confluence of our RESPONSIBILITIES compiled by our REGRETS, STRESSES, WEAKNESSES and tumbled amidst the charm of working to appease all of our responsibilities simultaneously while honoring our religious affiliations, our charitable commitments, and oh yeah…our SENIOR PARENTS!!

“Driver!  I have a request!?”

Stop the sleigh!  Are we allowing ourselves to be so caught up in the Christmas Blitz that our most important, defenseless and meaningful of intentions are neglected instead?

Can we do better?  Can we “stop the insanity?”  Take a break.  Stop the Christmas Clock.  Sip an eggnog for a second, put on those warm Christmas stockings and take yourself a “Christmas Time Out”.  As we hustle to spread that enriching christmas cheer, we offer some Christmas perspective.  Here’s our Ode to Christmas 2019.

Always There Home Care’s Ode to Christmas 2019

Deck the Halls…drop some balls…Santa’s coming anyway…

Ever hear about the guy who was all things to all people?  He’s the same one who never said no.

Pays his bills with his best intentions.  Pleased all of his dependents by wishing it so.

Capable of leaping buildings in a single bound…fulfilling relationships without coming around!

He can also achieve different results doing things the EXACT same way!  Do you know anyone who’s using magic tricks to get through their day?

He spends his free time teaching old dogs new tricks…He only watches one episode when he watches Netflix.  He’s seen pigs fly, his favorite river to kayak is the ‘De-Nile’ and he always remembers to cancel after the free 30-Day trial.

Here’s a disgruntled group of Santa’s if I’ve ever seen one.

He loves doing his taxes, his favorite hobby is MOVING!

He doesn’t believe the Pope is Catholic and find’s cough medicine QUITE SOOTHING!

He believes bears go potty in a public restroom.  He rides a unicorn to work, while his wife rides a broom!

His favorite pastime is anxiety his favorite mood is PANIC.  His favorite movie to watch is the TITANIC!

He prefers the Monkey’s over the Beatles, the rain over the sun and he’s an absolute figment of your IMAGINATION!

Before you waste what could be quality time with your spouse…keep in mind our busy friend should have STAYED IN THE HOUSE!

So bring Dad home to his workshop, bring Mom to her study…Just remember she’ll benefit with care from somebody.  We have incredible care from Ohio’s best team.  Give Mom and Dad back the location of their comforts and dreams.

Give the gift of care where it’s better received.  Order in, gather the family and stay at home Christmas Eve!

We share this poem in fun, but also with a reminder to all of you trying to wrap not quite enough wrapping paper across all your christmas presents.

Here’s the reminder you need.  Breathe!  There’s balance in all things, but there’s no way that you can balance it all by yourself.

There’s no “i” in team.  The shortest path to your own demise begins by telling yourself you can do everything without help.  Let’s get through these holidays together.


Get help.  Like now.  Call Always There Home Care and allow US to make YOU a better advocate.  Call us so Dad and Mom can have hot meals.  Help getting dressed.  Help into the shower. Enable them to stay safely at home.  Get them out of that ridiculous facility and home for these Holidays!

We have the devoted time to work at an 85 year olds only speed: zero miles per hour.

We are caregivers.  We are a team.  We got this.  All for one, one-on-one care 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Great care all the time.  24-Hour Home Care H0tline: (614) HOME-CARE 466-3227

Ben Smith is the Founder, President and C.S.I.C. (Chief Santa In Charge) at Always There Home Care.  Our ongoing mission in Columbus is providing reliable, pro-active care for our senior clients in the place of their greatest comfort.

  “Your Home.  Your Rules.  Our Care.”

is more than our motto.  It drives our care plans and inspires our team.  It’s how we start each care plan conversation and guides our caregiving actions.  It’s how we will care for your loved ones and support our team.

Merry Christmas!

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